How to get a guaranteed loan with bad credit -I need a bad credit guaranteed loan

I need a bad credit guaranteed loan

Would you like to borrow money now? This is now possible via a bad credit guaranteed loan from PaydayChampion.com!

There are situations where it is important that you can get money as quickly as possible. For example, when all bills fall on the mat at the same time and you have already received your salary for this month. Or if you want to make a purchase on the internet that is only on offer today, and you do not have any money for it at the moment. Maybe you just need some extra money because of unexpected costs or would you like to take a break. In all these cases it is important that you can quickly get money, even if you can not borrow money from family or have a savings account. But getting a loan is often difficult. Yet?

Borrowing money now does not have to be difficult

If you want to take out a loan with the bank, this will indeed be difficult. You then have to meet many conditions, fill in a lot of paperwork and wait for the results of, for example, a blacklist check. Fortunately, there is another way to realize money borrowing now, without having to deal with all these rules. The loans that make this possible are also called flash loans. In this article, you can read all about how you can borrow money without hassle, with the help of a flash loan!

Borrow money now when you’re on the blacklist

Where banks are heavily raised to a notation on the blacklist, this is not important for flash loans. After all, it concerns small amounts and, in addition, checks on blacklist notations are very time-consuming. That is why providers of flash loans have decided to omit these checks. Also with a notation on the blacklist, you can still take out a flash loan. Other things that often form an obstacle for banks, such as a benefit, low income, no job or not having the right papers are no problem when taking out a flash loan. These loans are accessible to everyone if you are 21 or older and have a monthly income.

How much money can I get by now borrowing money?

Flash loans allow you to borrow small amounts. The minimum amount that you can borrow with a flash loan is 50 euros and you can borrow up to 1000 euros. The amount you borrow exactly is your choice. So whether you want to borrow 300 euros for a new freezer, 500 euros for textbooks or 950 euros to pay the monthly bills, it’s all possible. Where you spend the money you do not have to give a price to the provider of flash loans. It is advisable not to borrow more than you need, in connection with the short term of these loans.

Do you want to borrow money now with a flash loan?

Are you enthusiastic and would you like to take out a flash loan for extra money? This is arranged accordingly. You can find different providers on the internet. All you have to do is fill in the application form and indicate how much you want to borrow. You always have the money on your account the same day! It is important to read the conditions first.


Loan Simulation

Choosing to apply for a bank loan is certainly not an action to be taken without first paying special attention to it.


Precisely for this reason, the aid of online loan comparators and simulators becomes a valid as well as convenient help.

Loan simulation

Whether you are in financial difficulty or need money to make a dream come true, the network offers a number of valuable tools to guide you in the best possible direction. The simulation of the loan is certainly the first step to help you understand what will be the extent of the relationship with the bank that will provide the money you need.

In fact, thanks to online loan simulators, it is possible to simulate the demand for financing from various credit institutions from the comfort of home. These tools guide the user step by step, starting from the sum of the necessary credit and up to the repayment plan, chosen by the future contractor. Obviously, the greater the period of time within which the credit obtained will be repaid and the interest on the loan obtained by the bank will increase proportionally.

No fear because thanks to the simulation of online loan you will avoid more ugly figures otherwise interchangeable before the bank staff.

Ok, let me see the content. Ok, let me see the content.

Not less interesting is the possibility, which many online tools offer, to simulate the loan and obtain, in just one click, all the solutions offered by the various financial companies. At this point, once identified the most suitable package to our possibilities and needs, it will be sufficient to fill out a request form that will arrive directly at the institute closest to your home.

Personal loan simulation

How many are looking for immediate credit or a personal loan that can help to realize small needs such as the purchase of a motorcycle or the new car or still to modernize the home, will certainly find it easy to use the simulation for small personal loans .

The use of these convenient online tools allows you to quickly evaluate the credit offers of various banks and to have the best product chosen. Finding the right personal loan for oneself is the first and indispensable move before moving into the difficult world of personal loans.

Important, as already written, to customize your loan application. Although many people do not pay particular attention to it, they should instead realize that in this way it is easy to save as each bank applies different credit rates to its credit offers according to the various options chosen by the future signer.

These personal loan simulation sites are then updated on a daily basis to present the latest solutions to customers, with rates updated at the last hour.
Always pay attention, during the financing simulation, to the TAN and the APR on the total credit. Together they will represent the total credit due.
Comparing the various offers it is easy to see that even a simple loan of 1000 euros can mean a lot in terms of savings for the customer who has previously visited an online tool for the comparison of loans.

Inpdap loan simulation

Not all loans are the same as not all categories of workers or retirees are entitled to the same type of funding. A good example is the Inpdap loans that are aimed at public and state employees who, thanks to these, have access to credits deriving from the fund for managing credit and social services.

Inpdap loans are divided into small, multi-year and multi-year guaranteed. Generally, these loans have a duration of between 12, 24 and 36 months and can often not exceed amounts beyond the 6 monthly net salary of the public or state worker.

However, even for Inpdap loans you can take advantage of the loan simulation, an excellent tool of the Internet that from your home PC but also from the tablet or smartphone, allows you to evaluate the best credit line opportunity for your needs.

Simulation Loan 

Like many other financial institutions, also the has its own online channels that allow, as well as independently manage all the relationship with its own creditor once it has become a signatory, even simulating an online loan. The tool presented by allows you to fill in the appropriate forms with information such as the amount you need, the number of months in which you want to return as well as your personal data. If a customer (or future) makes himself available to continue, he can then contact directly for an even more detailed estimate or for an appointment at the office located closest to his home.

personal loans help you realize your dreams and does not close the doors to new customers who actually enjoy offers reserved for them.

Priority of is the guide of the new and unaware user at a time of the best credit solution that thanks to the online simulator will never have unpleasant surprises at the signature. As with other tools available on the Internet, the loan simulation also clearly sets out the pacts of the future path that the signatory will undertake with the chosen institution.


Take out loan to clean up debts

No worries! There are many other ways to take out a new loan to clean up all your debts.


There are several internet providers who make it possible for people with a negative BKR to borrow money.

In these financial times of crisis, there are also financiers who provide people with a negative BKR a loan provider. These financiers are of the opinion that your past has nothing to do with the present, and thus do not say the trust in you. It is possible that you just want to borrow a sum of money so that you can merge various more expensive debts into one affordable loan.

Taking out a new loan to clean up your debts is the best option you have if you have not won a jackpot. Many people have many different debts. One possibility is that you have a credit card of which you have taken the credit to the maximum, you are in your bank account and you have one or more loans, then you will benefit greatly from combining all these debts into one debt.

By taking out only one loan, you still have only one debt on which you have to pay interest. At one interest you are losing a lot less every month than you had previously lost interest. With the new loan you clean up the existing loans, take out the credit card and get the bill out of the red. You literally save hundreds of euros in interest and you make your debts clear for yourself. 

In this way, cleaning up your debts often does not go with the regular bank. These banks see that you have different debts due to the inquiries they make at the BKR in Tiel. There are fortunately online financiers who are happy to help you solve your financial problems. These online financiers specialize in providing loans to people with a negative BKR and people who want to clean up their debts.

A disadvantage of a loan from an online financier is that the interest rate is generally a lot higher than with the regular banks. You should not, however, remember this to finally get an overview of your finances, because despite the fact that this loan is higher, you still lose many euros per month.

The reason why online financers do not check BKR is because they have devised their own method to avoid running a risk when lending money. If you take out a loan from an online financier, you need to send a copy of your last payslip. That way they are sure that you have money, and therefore can also pay back the loan.


Loans Without Envelope

How can I have loans without a paycheck ? What are the best offers for personal loans?

Prestiti senza busta paga: come ottenerli, le offerte più vantaggiose











It is possible to have small loans without paychecks , as you can read below.
In a historical period of severe economic crisis like this, having a steady job , stable and documented by a paycheck , is not so simple, especially for people under 40 and then getting a loan has become more and more complicated.
Now the world of work has totally changed compared to just 10 years ago.
If someone can find a job, in the vast majority of cases is a part-time job, fixed-term, for small contracts, perhaps paid with vouchers, or even in black, so obtaining a loan is difficult if you do not have a paycheck, but not impossible.

More and more people need funding without guarantees

Banks once earned on loans, so the more loans they made, the more they earned, the more the employees were able to make loan contracts, the more gratified they were.

Today everything is happening the opposite, the ancient role of ” banks that give credit “ and served as a ‘flywheel of the economy’ is slowly fading, as now a listed bank, must have less possible suffering in order to have a solid balance and attractive to investors; in practice, the European banks, after the recent treaties, are transforming their nature from banks to savings managers .

Obviously, even today the Banks lend money , but only and exclusively to those who can provide him with solid guarantees .

This is the main reason why having a payday loan today is not so simple today, even if not all banks use the same criteria for making a loan .

Loan by rent and tax return

For atypical workers , or those who have an entry without having a job, such as homeowners who have the income of a rent , the bank can grant a loan.
Better if the borrower is a good bank customer , (sometimes this is essential) so that the bank can check the various movements in his checking account and verify that the income is real.

Loan through a surety , ie to have a guarantor of your debt:

This is one of the oldest and most known methods for obtaining a loan. Finding a relative, a friend or an employer who guarantees for Us, if we are serious people is not so difficult, and the Bank will be able to refer to him if we do not pay the debt.

Loan with mortgage on a property owned.

Alternatively, you can request a loan through a mortgage on a property owned.

Funding is not always granted , despite these guarantees

In all these cases, the Bank or the finance company that makes loans, can still deny the loan for its own company policies.

Changed :

This is a form of loan that went ‘in fashion’ until a few years ago, but that now not all banks do.

These are online loans , which in many cases claim to prove a severance pay, therefore not suitable for people who are not working, but which can include those temporary workers who do not have a paycheck that shows that they work indefinitely.

If the loans that have been changed can therefore help those who do not have a permanent job, for example foreign citizens who have recently worked in Italy, are not convenient, because they have a very high interest rate.

For bad payers without assignment of the fifth :

One of the biggest problems for a person who wants a loan is to be a bad payer.

A bad payer is that debtor who has not paid any installments of the debt or has skipped payment of some bills. When a debtor does not pay any installments, the creditor reports it to a national agency and this immediately becomes a ‘bad payer’.

To take a loan, a bad payer has to get a loan that has been changed. A private loan is one of the few ways to get money. The changed loan, as written above, is a way

Revolving cards a solution to get a payday loan

The revolving cards are real credit cards , which are given at the request of the client 

They had a huge spread after the years 2000, but they have particularly high interests and being still a risky product for the bank, they are no longer delivered with the ease of a few years ago.

The loan of a revolving card is repaid in installments , the credit that made us available, can be used by making purchases or directly withdrawing cash at the enabled ATMs. However, it must be taken into account that the expenses for a revolving card are not only those of the interest payable on the debt, but also:

Commissions for any fuel refueling.

Commissions for withdrawals made at ATMs.

There are expenses for compulsory annual insurance (which the bank needs if you do not pay the debt).

Additional expenses, are those that have to be paid for sending the bank the statement of account of each specific revolving card.

Loans without paychecks to whom they are addressed:

Can I have a loan without a paycheck? Who can have a loan without a paycheck?

  • Unemployed .
  • Retired people .
  • Protested ( bad payers ).
  • Precarious .
  • Atypical workers .
  • Professionals .
  • Housewives .
  • Students .

Yes, all these categories of people, I can have personalized loans, just choose the right way and the right bank. We remember that banks can be regulated differently, both for their own business needs, and they can make huge differences if the customer who asks for a loan is an old account holder or a complete stranger.

Many do not know this, but even bank account holders today have their own ‘rating’ , calculated on the basis of the money they invested in the Bank, the fact whether they have had loans or have them in progress, based on their they have become extinct or have had difficulty returning with the loan or if they are protested or are bad payers .


Compare, calculate and conclude personal loan interest

The personal loan was introduced in the second half of the last century and today constitutes a particularly popular consumer loan for private individuals.

It is a loan that fits too well with borrowing for a car, motorcycle, caravan or even a boat. However, the personal loan can also be used for smaller consumer goods or services.

A nice feature of the personal loan is that you can determine a lot about how the loan will take place. Your vote is very important when setting a term. So you can decide for yourself whether you prefer lower monthly payments over a shorter term. Borrowing cheap money with a cheap personal loan is therefore always a possibility.

Expiring personal loan

The personal loan is a downward credit. This means that you have to pay fixed monthly payments during the agreed term of the personal loan. The monthly amounts of the financing consist of fixed parts of repayment and interest payments. It is possible to pay off more in the meantime than the agreement was, but this is not penalty-free, as with a revolving credit.

When to take out a personal loan?

The personal financing fits both with larger and smaller purchases. The credit would suit the financing of a new car, but even if your washing machine has just gone, it is possible to replace it with a personal loan .

Calculate time & interest personal loan

When you take out a personal loan , you must take into account the (economic) life span of the product to be financed. It is strongly advised to keep the term of the loan within the limit of this lifespan. After all, you do not want a loan with a term of 6 years, while the product has to be replaced within 3 years.

Close personal loan benefits

  • You always know exactly what to expect with this form of borrowing money. The monthly costs (interest and repayment) and the number of installments of the loan are recorded in the loan agreement. These charges are not changed in the interim, so personal loans offer a lot of security for the borrower;
  • The interest rate of the personal loan is often cheaper than the interest rate of a revolving credit . Finally, a lender runs no interest rate risk. This risk means whether or not a lender is at risk of losing a loss at very low interest rates;
  • It is quite possible that the loan is offered with a free death cover.
  • Personal loan without BKR assessment is possible.

Solve money problems with a loan

You may be wondering if solving money problems with loans offers a solution.


You hear more and more about it: solving money problems with the help of taking out a loan. With the new loan you can pay off old debts so that you do not have too many debts at the same time and so that you can avoid high interest costs or reminders. In this respect, a debt repayment loan seems very interesting: you save time and avoid costs in some cases. However, it is also very important to be careful, because you can accidentally work yourself deeper into debt. This is obviously not the intention. Moreover, taking out a loan in many cases is difficult with a negative BKR registration. We will discuss how to best deal with borrowing for debts in this article.

Where can I solve money problems with a loan?

If you want to individually look for a loan to solve your debts, then it is best to look for providers who do not perform BKR checks when providing a loan. In general you end up with lenders on the internet. These providers often provide accessible loans of small amounts, with few conditions attached. You do not have to justify yourself on why you want to borrow exactly and can therefore quickly get money for whatever reason. For example for paying off debts. However, you have to take into account that it often involves loans of small amounts, with a short maturity. Inform yourself well in advance and keep in mind that the costs are not correct, because you are unable to repay the loan on time.

Solve money problems at the GKB with a loan

The national body for assistance with debts and money problems is. If you have debts, you can go here for advice and in some cases an accessible loan in the form of a rehabilitation loan. Sanitation credit is also a new loan to pay off old debts, but under the supervision of the GKB and with more favorable conditions. For example, the interest rate on these loans is generally lower and the situation is estimated to determine whether it makes sense to conclude a rehabilitation credit, or whether your money problems need to be dealt with in a different way. An appointment at the GKB is free, without obligation and is possible without an appointment.

When is money problems with loans no solution?

If your debts are too serious or too comprehensive, or you just will not receive any money in the long run, it is sometimes necessary to divert to other solutions. In that case, you can request permission from the GKB to join the WSNP. This is the Debt Rehabilitation Natural Persons Act and is mainly awarded when a financial situation is really bad enough that no other solutions are possible. If you are allowed to join, you will have to keep your budget and a payment plan for three years and everything will be monitored. After these three years you will be declared debt-free if you have complied with the rules.

Solving money problems with loans is sometimes a solution and sometimes not, varying and depending on the situation. The best you can obtain independent advice, for example at of your municipality to determine the best way to deal with your debts.


Loans lasting up to 20 years or 240 months

Difference between loans and personal loans up to 240 months or 20 years and how to obtain them.

Menu Mobile Completo
Loans and personal loans lasting 20 years or 240 months : first of all, do they? And if they do them how to get them? So, everything depends on the meaning we give to the concept of financing which, we remember, is a very general term that indicates any form of credit (from mortgage to credit card) and that disregards the repayment term which, today, goes from 6 months up to 40-50 years. In view of this, the question from which to start is if there are financing up to 20 years , which are the purpose for which to request them. The answer will take place separately or on the basis of three different types of credit, namely:

A) personal loans up to 240 months or 20 years ;

B) liquidity mortgages up to 20 years (but even later) ;

C) loans for debt consolidation at 20 years .


Let’s see the three hypotheses separately.

A) Personal loans up to 20 years : among all the types of financing offered by the Italian credit market, the personal loan is the most flexible about the methods of obtaining, where for greater flexibility we mean that which requires less guarantees to be disbursed. For this reason, it has always been the most requested by users. But back to our question: are personal loans up to 240 months or to be repaid in 20 years ? Unfortunately, in the current 2019, in Italy, there is no bank (financial or banking) that provides personal loans with a duration of 20 years … We consider that, most of the banks and financial companies operating in our territory, arrives to provide personal loans up to 10 years. Not only. There are also a few exceptions to this last rule, that is to exceed the decade and get the maximum to provide personal loans up to 180 installments but never 240 months (20 years). An example, real, of what we are talking about is viewable on personal loans at 180 installments or 15 years . Other financing follows at 20 years .

B) Loans up to 20 years: as mentioned, a form of financing at 20 years and which actually reaches 240 months (but also more), is the mortgage loan for liquidity otherwise also known as mortgage loan for liquidity. This type of financing is true that has the advantage of long duration (as well as better rates), but nevertheless has more restrictive criteria of disbursement than the personal loan: it can be granted only to those who own a property and therefore in substance only to those who have a home, a land and the like. For more information on this type of 20-year financing, consult loans up to 20 years .

C) Last solution for 20-year loans: as aforementioned, a last solution that allows us, on the basis of the case, to obtain a loan with a duration of 20 years is the consolidation of debts . The latter, as we all know, serves to merge one or more installments deriving from previous loans so that it presupposes that whoever invokes it has at least a loan in progress and for which it already pays an installment otherwise it is not possible to request it. Depending on the type of debt you want to consolidate (by amount, duration and guarantees), we can choose the solution of the personal loan (but at 180 months and up to 50000 euros, because over the aforementioned figure is not convenient) or 20 years implemented through mutual liquidity (for any amount and duration). Those wishing to deepen these last aspects recommend the resource that follows and from which it is possible to re-calculate the duration and the new installment.


Loan – a better solution?

Nowadays, money problems are a big problem for many people. Can money problems and loans then offer a solution?


The number of people with debt and payment arrears has increased since the economic crisis erupted in 2009. There are fewer jobs, wages do not go as far as inflation, everything becomes more expensive and there are many cuts. In short, financially everyone is deteriorating and the purchasing power is getting lower. This means that more people recover with money problems that need extra money. A logical consequence is the desire to take out a loan to get some extra money. Is this possible and is this sensible?

What is possible with money problems and borrowing?

It is not possible for every loan provider to lend money while, for example, you have payment arrears or debts. These issues are therefore checked by many loan providers using a so-called BKR review. BKR stands for Bureau Krediet Registratie. This is the body that keeps track of whether arrears or debts have been incurred with previously concluded credit. If a loan provider checks BKR, you will be rejected for a loan if you have debts or arrears. However, a BKR assessment is not legally required and therefore a loan provider can also choose not to issue a BKR check. These are the loan providers where you can go for an accessible loan despite a BKR and in general these accessible loan providers are loan providers on the internet.

Loan providers on the internet for money problems and borrowing

Loan providers on the internet are very popular, because these loan providers generally use far less conditions than regular lenders and, moreover, it is often easier to apply for a loan, since it is not necessary to get a call. In general, you can take out a suitable loan in 5 minutes via the internet. In doing so, a BKR registration generally does not apply and you usually do not have to take paperwork or mandatory agreements into account.

Getting money safely with money problems and borrowing?

Is the taking out of a loan via the internet safe? You might wonder this. The absence of a BKR check does not mean that a loan is less safe. The loan provider only performs this check in order not to take too much risk itself. Of course, a loan is always an obligation to pay, and caution should always be taken here, whether the loan is taken out via the internet or via the regular method. So always check in advance if you have the money available again in time to avoid future money problems. In addition, it is also always wise to check whether the loan provider is affiliated with the Chamber of Commerce. In this way it is certain that the provider is under the control of the government.

In some cases, money problems and borrowing are therefore a possible combination. Inquire about the conditions at various loan providers on the internet that do not require a BKR review.


Pool loans

What they are and how they work?

Pool loans

Loans in pools , organized on the domestic market by banks or specialized companies, are financing operations through which a pool of banks, or bank syndicates, provides the company with a fixed-term or open-ended line of credit, with the right to use even repeated over time.

The purpose of the consortium to be dissolved, once the financing operation is completed, is the repetition of the financial commitment between the lending banks by virtue of which the splitting of counterparty risk is realized. This is combined with the need for aggregation for financing of major projects, the possibility of involving smaller credit companies in wholesale financing transactions, marketing needs to maintain or remedy relationships with large customers.

Pool financing: origins

Typical of the Anglo-Saxon countries, pooled loans developed on the domestic market in the 1980s, a period characterized by the application of the ceiling on loans, to allow larger banks, in their capacity as lead partner, to offer their customers primary availability of funds obtained by virtue of participatory relationships with smaller banking companies.

The main position within the consortium is that of the lead institution ( lead manager ); it performs a very special function within the group, as the sole interlocutor of the applicant company; therefore, it proceeds with the disbursement of the funds, deals with the management of the credit, collects all the financial information required by the contractual agreements. The other banks participate in the agreement as a co-manager, in direct correlation with the financial commitments that they declare available to take on.

Legislative and contractual regulation of pooled loans

From a legal point of view, relationships are divided into two different stores ; in fact, a contract is aimed at regulating the relationships between the participants in the pool and the other the financing agreement between them and the beneficiary company. As for the former, it assumes the legal form of a joint venture contract, characterized by the presence of a commission of interests but by a total separation of responsibilities.

An essential aspect of this agreement is the choice of the lead bank , which is set up in a mandate contract with representation for the purpose of granting a credit, by virtue of which the mandatary bank, which operates in the name and on behalf of other companies belonging to the pool, grants the financing to the applicant company.

Pooled loans: operating practices and types

From an operational point of view , the entrusted activates the credit line opened at the cash desks of the lead bank through a letter of draw, which contains the technical procedures for using it. At the same time, the other lender banks shall issue a pro-rata , each with the lead partner, with an account held by the borrowing company, which will be charged by interest and loan repayments.

Loans in pools can take different technical forms, many of which were developed in the 1980s, based on the experiences gained in transactional countries. The main types of transactions in the pool include stand-by, evergreen and bid-line credit lines.

Loans in Stand-by Pool: mode of operation

Stand-by is a short-term financing operation, although it may be contracted for longer maturities, with which the pool of banks makes available to the applicant company a credit line of predetermined amount and for a period of time determined.

The request for use of the credit line granted, forwarded to the leader by means of a letter of draw, must contain information about the amount and duration (usually three months), while the rate of interest is established contractually based on performance parameters prefixed (eg Euribor, yield Bot) corrected for a variable spread depending on both the amount of the loan and the credit standing of the entrusted company. The amount of the draft and the period of use are thus determined by the latter according to the management needs.

It seems clear that the families in question allow the company to be able to count on an availability able to cover the most variable and uncertain needs as regards the period of occurrence or alternating and inconstant over time. Nonetheless, the withdrawal of the single loan tranche is extremely rigid in the sense that early repayments are not allowed with respect to the deadline indicated in the letter of draw.

In fact, at that deadline, the debtor has the right to renew the use for amounts equal or different to the previous one or to repay the loan, in both cases the expenses and interest accrued on the use must be paid to the leader. In the case of non-payment or partial variation between 0.15% and 0.50% of the unused amount, whose application is reasonably founded in the bank’s commitment to make the funds available according to the contractual terms and to hold a certain amount amount of assets against the total weighted assets for the risk of presumed loss, in accordance with the provisions of the Supervisory Body.


Online Loans in just 5 minutes

If you’re looking for information on online loans, you’ve come to the right place.

This website, in fact, is a guide dedicated to 100% of loans with bills of exchange and bills of exchange .

The world of loans with bills of exchange might seem frightening to many by virtue of the fact that in the phase of guarantee or repayment of the loan this executive title is involved, the bill of exchange, of which the name is sometimes enough to instill fear. In reality it is nothing more than a guarantee that is added to the loan and that “comes into play” only from the moment in which one is insolvent. If you pay the installments regularly , month after month, you have nothing to fear.

Types of loans with bills

Although the functioning of loans with bills of exchange is still the same, there are different types of loans, depending on who requests them.

Drafts, to be paid or as a guarantee?

At this point it is necessary to make a distinction between personal loans repayable through payment of bills and personal loans to which the bill serves only as a guarantee.

The difference is clear.

Personal loans repayable by payment of bills will result in the balance, each month, of a bill of exchange, which represents the loan installment. Therefore, in order to have access to this loan, a bill is signed for each month of the loan term. It is a type of loan that most of the finance companies no longer do, except in really exceptional cases.

Read also: those with bills of exchange, are they a loan or a loan ?

Loans for which the promissory note serves as a guarantee only , instead, are classic personal loans where only one bill is signed, the amount of which allows to cover the entire loan. This bill is retained by the creditor (bank or finance company) and “made to act” only in the event of default by the debtor.

The bill, the executive title par excellence

In the phase of disbursement of a loan that has been changed, it is obviously necessary to fill in one or more bills, depending on the case.

The draft must be completed in all its main parts, namely:

  • place and date of issue
  • amount (in figures and in letters)
  • Expiration date
  • indication of the word “I will pay”
  • domiciliation
  • debtor’s data
  • signature of the debtor

Modified loans: advantages and disadvantages

The advantages of the changed loans are:

  • Possibility of having a loan even if you are a bad payer;
  • Ability to receive even large amounts of money, up to 30,000 or 50,000 euros depending on the credit company you are targeting.

Among the disadvantages , however, we can see:

  • Rate of interest applied higher than a classic personal loan;
  • Higher accessory costs as issuing a bill involves a certain expense which, of course, falls on the principal debtor;
  • There is a risk of being reported as protested, since even an unpaid monthly installment is enough to start the bank’s execution of the bill.

Loans changed: our advice

If you are looking for loans changed because you have been reported as bad payers or simply because you have to subscribe to this security as a guarantee, the “secret” to increase the chances of obtaining funding are to prove fast and available in providing all the documents that a finance company requires for the feasibility assessment.

The more you show punctuality and the more you succeed in making it clear that you care about the financing, the greater the positive image you have on the financial and, depending on the case, you may also have a better chance of obtaining credit.

Some numbers on the spread of bills

It is interesting to note that in recent years there have been more and more people who resort to this credit to settle debts with banks or financial institutions, or sign them in order to have access to a loan with bills of exchange. .

Here are some interesting numbers:

  • From 2009 to 2011 there was a 40% growth in signed bills to obtain or secure loans;
  • from 2010 to 2011 about 530,000 stamps were issued (to find out more, we invite you to read our bill of exchange page );
  • in 2012 about 550,000 bills were issued;
  • from 2011 to 2012 the total amount of bills issued fell from 140 million to 135 million.

Where to find these loans in Italy

There are many financial companies that offer loans with bills of exchange, but certainly the two main ones are Rome and Turin.

The first, capital of Italy, has several companies specializing in these loans, we talk about it on the appropriate page , the second, one of the economic capitals of our country, is one of the most important from the point of view of financing in general, and as a result even those with the title change are much appreciated and proposed, even here we refer to our in-depth page .

3 tips

Before closing, we want to give you 3 tips on funding with bills, which will allow you to better understand this world.

  1. Modified loans are not for everyone . Even if they are asked in a particular way by bad payers, it remains essential to have a salary (or any other income, such as an entrepreneurial activity) and it is better to have a guarantor;
  2. They are not as convenient as the classic loans, for the simple reason that the change title has a cost (the tax stamp) and that the applied interest rates are often higher than the average;
  3. There are no fast changed loans , which can be obtained very quickly. Even if the bank will obviously try to speed up the procedure, in any case there are analyzes and studies to be done on the applicant, which will take some time away.

Further details

To find out more about the world of loans with bills of exchange, we invite you to visit our web portal mondo-prestiti.it , you will also find advice on how to choose the best loan, the latest news on loans and loans and complete guides (as well as many tips) on how to orient yourself in this world.