Online loans


Online loans

Now more and more people use the Internet to request those loan services that are necessary for us all.

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With the explosion of online accounts , and the adaptation of security services, today the internet is the preferred tool in requesting and managing loans. Through the internet, in fact, you can access financial services 24 hours a day, compare the various proposals and have all the information you need in real time, from the comfort of your home.

If before you need to make a reservation, or to go to an agency and present a series of documents just to get a quote about a loan , today you can compare all the offers in the market, practically in real time.

With the spread of online platforms, it is possible, by entering some personal data, to look for the financing proposal that best suits your needs in complete tranquility. In addition to saving time and money for travel and appointments, without counting the time taken away from their work, this type of financing also allows considerable savings. In fact, eliminating all those steps and allowing the banks themselves, to lighten up those expensive and complex structures, it is possible to obtain considerable savings, not negligible, especially given the current economic situation.

You can seek the most suitable financing, avoiding wasting time , discarding those financial products for which we do not meet the requirements. The loans that are most in demand on the Internet are small loans, the sale of the fifth, loans for the purchase of the car, and personal loans in general. In addition to saving money, with the stipulation of an online loan it is possible to keep it under control, via a PC or smartphone, and always see our debt situation in real time.

What you need to apply for an online loan

To request an estimate online , simply enter your name, date of birth, type of work and how long, your residence and personal data, the amount requested, the duration of the loan, the intended use of money and whether or not you want to take out insurance. In a few seconds we will have all the offers on the market available, usually in order of convenience. Among the many data among which to go to see, to understand how much is really convenient financing compared to another, the most important is the APR, ie the annual effective global rate.

With this data we can understand how much actually costs a given loan , being inclusive of both interest, and additional costs, such as opening the practice, management and periodic communications. To compare only interest rates, you can compare TAN values, nominal annual rate. It is also important to read all the documentation concerning the financing, and see if, for example, there are penalties in case of early repayment, or the possibility to re-discuss the terms of the loan in case of economic problems.

Online loans 

In the field of financing, it is usual to think of banks and financial institutions as providers of this type of services. Another option is to contact our company’s post offices . The Post Office, especially in recent years, have greatly differentiated their field of activity, ranging from traditional postal sector, to e-commerce, savings books, trading , financing.

Often, they are able to compete with banks, even if they still have limits with regard to the timing of the transactions carried out, and to the possibility of credit. The solidity of the institute, however, is a very high guarantee, chosen for this by many Italians.

The loans offered by our company are many and the offer is wide and varied, suitable for all needs. These range from five-year sales, to loans, debt consolidation loans, restructuring loans and car purchases. In particular, let’s see the flexible financing offered by the Post Office. To request flexible financing with our company, you need to be a BancoPosta postal account, or a postal savings account. You can request from € 3,000 to € 30,000, repayable from 12 to 108 months, at all the group’s post offices.

Flexible loans 

It is a personal loan that can be requested by all persons who have residency in Italy, and have an income as employees, self-employed or retired. The documentation to be submitted at the time of the request is a valid identity document, the tax code, and the documentation certifying your income, such as paychecks, income tax returns or pension slips.

If you hold a BancoPosta account , you are credited directly to the postal account, and the installments are paid by direct debit to the account. In the case of holding a postal savings book instead, a credit is made to the bank account of the applicant, and the payment of the installments is made by charging to the bank account itself. In this case, the maximum duration of the loan is 84 months.

In the case of holders of a postal account, the flexibility of funding lies in being able to skip an installment and to change it. When the loan is signed, a basic installment is decided, a high rate after which it is not possible to increase the amount of the installment, and a low rate after which the amount of the installment can not be lowered. The installment can be changed after six months from the start of the loan, and it is possible to change it every month. Obviously, when the installment amounts change, there will be an extension or a reduction in the duration of the loan.

The other possible option is to skip an installment , always after the first six months of the start of the loan, for a maximum of three times, postponing them at the end at no additional cost. In the case of holders of postal savings account with credit of the bank account loan, however, it is possible to activate the installment option only after the first 12 months, for a maximum of 5 total changes. While it is possible to jump to 5 installments starting from the sixth month of the loan, once a year, to be paid at the end of the same.


Try to be wary of those loans that are too advantageous, most of the time, in fact, have hidden costs, perhaps smeared in banking transactions necessary to pay installments.

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