Loan Simulation

Choosing to apply for a bank loan is certainly not an action to be taken without first paying special attention to it.   Precisely for this reason, the aid of online loan comparators and simulators becomes a valid as well as convenient help. Loan simulation Whether you are in financial difficulty or need money to […]

Loan – a better solution?

Nowadays, money problems are a big problem for many people. Can money problems and loans then offer a solution?   The number of people with debt and payment arrears has increased since the economic crisis erupted in 2009. There are fewer jobs, wages do not go as far as inflation, everything becomes more expensive and […]

Pool loans

What they are and how they work? Loans in pools , organized on the domestic market by banks or specialized companies, are financing operations through which a pool of banks, or bank syndicates, provides the company with a fixed-term or open-ended line of credit, with the right to use even repeated over time. The purpose […]

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